In the midst of an email, My German mentioned a cabin trip:

I just was out for a beer with Alex, Maria, Matt and Chris. And we have made plans for a cabin trip in January. We want to go the second weekend!

Was it an invite? Was this part of the space he wants to give me when I first arrive (he wants me to be independent, I told him, don’t you worry – I might actually be too independent…)?

I’m proud of myself. I asked. No worrying about it. No hinting about it to see what he says.

I just asked who the “we” was. The reply:

The we is Alex, Maria, Christ, Jeanette, Matt, Thomas and me – and you! That was unclear in my email, indeed. Yes, that was and is an invitation. You might not be able to decide on it before coming to Trondheim (maybe you will be obliged to look at places to live..?? or so), but we have accounted for you :)

And then in the next email:

Just for the record, you are invited to my friend’s cabin in the Alps over New Year, too. You should have bought a flex-ticket ;-)

Do you think I can take a rain check on the Alps?

Moral of the story: It is best to ask directly instead of worry about what something means. This relationship is already worlds better than the one with My Norwegian, or with Boston, or with the Boy. But I learned to ask directly from situations with My Norwegian and Boston and the Boy. I’m learning. Finally!


14 days left of work. 15 days until the movers come. 19 days left in Seattle. 32 days left in the U S of A. 39 days until I am a professor.

That means I have even less time to blog (I really really really hope I am able to get back on the bandwagon when I move to the land of 37.5 hour work weeks). But I didn’t want to leave you hanging regarding my Thanksgiving visitor…

It was great. It was fun and relaxed and not at all awkward. We had good conversation and good laughs. We went running, ate turkey, went for a hike (in the rain), went for a sail (in the rain), ran/spectated a half marathon, played tourist downtown, drank beer, and visited all the parks with the best views. If you are going to fly 27 hours (RT) to spend 80 hours in Seattle, you better make the most of it. And we did.

I’m ready to get back to Trondheim. I’m ready to leave Seattle. I know getting on that plane will be heart-breaking, but I also know I am ready for the next chapter.

t-minus 9

My German is coming in 9 days!! Eeeek! Any hesitation I had about his visit early on is gone. I honestly can’t wait for him to get here. I can’t wait to show him Seattle, and have him meet my friends, and just sit on the couch and talk with him. I don’t have expectations for our time (and our future). In a good way. I’m not anxious and I am not setting myself up for disappointment.

I have a to do list a million miles long as I prepare for my move, my new home, and my new job. All on top of working full-time (I shouldn’t complain, the money is really helpful in all this shopping preparation).

Since before my interview in August (yeah, 3 months ago…), I’ve been planning on buying new makeup. More than that, I’ve been planning to have someone knowledgeable help me buy new makeup. Since I have no idea what I am doing. Life was busy, and well, maybe I was a bit intimidating by the whole process. Yesterday I walked in Sephora, couldn’t find someone to help me right away, got scared and left. Today, I tried it again (different Sephora, less crowded). I told the associate what I wanted (to even out my complexion and brighten up my eyes without spending much/any time). One tinted moisturizer, concealer, and eye shadow later, I walked out feeling good about checking that task off the to-do list.

I also made a stop next door, at Victoria’s Secret. Old, ratty underwear out; new, still not sexy (comfort over style…) underwear in.

These shopping excursions may or may not be associated with My German’s upcoming visit…

unwelcome visitor

I leave tomorrow night for my mini-vacation down south. Unfortunately (Hurricane/Tropical Storm) Sandy wants to crash the party. I shouldn’t complain. I think it will just be dreary weather, with the bulk of the storm being north of me. But it is just a bummer that in the midst of a forecast of glorious sun, there are 2 days of rain. The two days I’ll be in Charleston.

I went into DSW looking for boots and I came out with these. Not appropriate for 10 months out of the year in Norway. But lovely for 4 days in the south.

photo (1) (1)


I am having an off day. I can’t figure out why. Coming off a great weekend, I feel like Monday should be a breeze. Instead I can’t focus and just want to take a nap (annoyed – at who, I don’t know – that I am so tired, I got plenty of sleep last night). 3 hours until scheduled exercise, which might help.


Or really just one visitor. My German bought his ticket! It is a short trip over Thanksgiving week (he arrives Wednesday afternoon and leaves Sunday afternoon) but I think it will be perfect!

I am excited to have a visitor. I haven’t had a visitor besides my mom (who doesn’t count because she has been here like 10 times) in probably close to 7 or 8 years! And I’m excited to see him.


damn you facebook

Did I tell you that Boston is engaged? Well, he is. And I am happy to announce that the discovery (via facebook of course) did not throw me for a loop. Really, I could care less.

Then today I saw a picture of my Norwegian on facebook. With a girl. It is hard to tell if it is just something “innocent” (stand together for a picture…which lead to an arm around the shoulder) or not. That one did throw me for a loop. Even if I know I should just let him go. Even though I am, slowly. I feel like I am on the edge, ready to make that leap away from my Norwegian, where I don’t care who he is with or not with anymore. But I’m not quite there.

I don’t want to think that the best way to get over someone is to find someone who is better than the first someone. I don’t want to compare my German to my Norwegian. I don’t want to convince myself that a relationship with my German would be awesome before we even live in the same city.

But while tonight’s facebook discovery did throw me for a loop, it was only a little loop. And I’ve still got my fingers crossed for a visit from my German.


Email is annoying, especially when you are emailing with a 9-hour time difference. I don’t know exactly what he is thinking and he doesn’t know exactly what I am thinking. I do think that the German in Seattle is a possibility. Skype date on Wednesday to discuss. So umm yeah, I am excited about the possibility and hope it works out!

This weekend was perfect. I had 3 good dinner with 3 sets of friends. I got a lot accomplished (most noteably, residence permit application in!). I relaxed. Not working on the weekends – definitely the best part of finishing my PhD! (Related: paper from dissertation has been accepted for presentation at a conference and publication. Nice to have outside validation that my work is good!)

Email turned blog post…

Is it crazy if I invite the German to come to Seattle in November?? We talked via skype this week (it was good) and I had mentioned I’d be in NY for the holidays. He emailed to say that the end of January (he is going to Australia after Christmas for a few weeks) was a long time to wait to see each other, and what if he came to NYC in December. Logistically that is hard because I have to spend time with the fam so I wouldn’t want to spend 5 days in NY (and not sure I want him to come home with me right now, plus not lots to do in Bingo). But tickets are the same price (and only a 2 hour longer travel time) to come to Seattle over Thanksgiving. I’d have time off, more to do here… Am I crazy if I suggest this?

I feel like – ack, what is happening?! Not in a bad way per say, but just like wow, this guy really likes me and I want to see where this goes because I do like him, but I am still just sort of holding back until I get there. But this is a good time to get to spend time with him and is an easy way to let him see my life in Seattle. I had said to the Norwegian numerous times that I felt like he never got to see the real me because I was in this foreign environment. Holds true for the German too. Help!??!

The German says and does all the things I wanted the Norwegian to do…

UPDATE: I asked him if he wanted to come…

my junk is someone else’s treasure

I had my first ever yard sale this weekend. It was on a whim – If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. There was minimal effort involved. I guess it is easy when everything you own is in one room, or stored in a box. The sale went from 9am until a little after 2pm.

And guess what, I made $135! I don’t even know what I sold?!? Since then I’ve sold a little more via craigslist (I know that people have craigslist horror stories, but all my experiences have been wonderful!) and made $25 more.

This whole packing thing… still overwhelming. But I am getting there, little by little.

In unrelated news, I have a skype date with my German tonight. Eek! I am a little nervous! With the time difference (9 hours) we are chatting right before bed for me, and right before work for him.


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